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THE MASTERING ROOM – Audio Music CD Mastering Studio & CD/DVD Replication

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Hello There!

The Mastering Room represents the finest in audio mastering. It is a culmination of my life’s work, embodying a spare no expense attitude, and dedication to delivering the absolute highest quality master regardless of the cost. This is the new breed, carrying on the traditions and work ethic of the Mastering Engineer; one who dedicates their life to this pliable art and exacting science.


Elijah Grae

 “TOUCH AND GEAUX” By Elijah Grae from his 2018 album “Elijah Grae – EP”

Who we are

Our lifelong pursuit of excellence in audio keeps us nourished in these dynamically challenged times.

Chief Mastering Engineer
Greg Forsberg

With a career spanning 25 years and a discography of over 1000 mastered albums, Greg can bring to your music the right balance between a tasteful touch and aggressive adjustments required by todays modern music makers.

How we work


We acquire and compile all of the tracks for the release and arrange them in a rough order to be examined.


We sit for a while with your music, making initial observations, notes, and assumptions about where to take the project in order to best represent the message of your material and who you are as an artist.


With the best and most sought after tools in the history of mastering, we make the proper adjustments to bring out the magic in your music accross the widest variety of playback systems. We use an eclectic array of analog and digital tools, both vintage and modern, along with what we consider the pinnacle of loudspeaker systems to make precise adjustments to the benefit of the track.


In the times of digital music delivery where song context within an album is often taken for granted, we zero in on the flow of the album from song to song. Songs are spaced properly for maximum emotional impact.


When the creative work is complete, we produce an impeccable final master in the intended delivery format.

What we’ve been up to

Below is a frequently rotating selection of projects we have had the pleasure being a part of.

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Let’s Talk

415 948 4734


Las Vegas, NV

We are first and foremost music lovers, dedicated to making amazing sounding records in an industry that seems to be losing it’s way. We would love to help keep your project focused on sound quality!


Please reach out and tell us about your project! We will find a way to get your material on point for success!